Sales Force Automation

  • Share sales data across individuals and teams
  • Focus attention on the most profitable deals
  • Bring new sales representatives up to speed
  • Present effective presentations and proposals to customers
  • Monitor quota progress and business performance
  • Business Intelligence

Create real-time reports and dashboards on any CRM metric, without having to rely on administrators for support

Monitor the effectiveness of marketing programs, sales opportunities, and support cases

Share/restrict access to reports and dashboards across teams

Review HTML-5 compliant charts on tablet computers such as Apple iPad

Customer Support Automation

Centrally manage and share all customer service issues

Understand frequency of incidents to improve product quality

Share information across individuals and teams

Measure the responsiveness of customer support


Marketing Automation

Create and execute campaigns across marketing channels

Captures leads directly into the CRM system

Measures return on investment of campaigns

CRM Specialization


Financial Services & Insurance


Real Estate




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